Wealth Managers

Everything a front-office investment teams need in one place, from portfolio construction & visualisation to idea generation and deck building.

Monitor & visualise everything you need, in one place

We can help to automate and aggregate all of your investment data including internal data (private market data, portfolio holdings data, etc) and external data (public products, market indices, economic data, etc). You can then analyse and visualise whatever you need in the BYOB Workspace.

How we work with Wealth Managers

Monitor & visualise everything you need, in one place
Access a fully bespoke analytical toolbox
Generate ideas for your portfolios & clients
Generation of bespoke decks and reports

Solutions designed for you.

We are a technology partner, not just a piece of software. We work closely with Wealth Managers to understand your unique quirks and challenges to build a fully bespoke solution. Our team are experts and are always on hand to help you every step of the way.
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