Endowments & Charities

Full multi-asset class aggregation, daily visualisation & analysis of portfolios and bespoke reporting to investment committees.

Automate and aggregate your investment data

We can help to solve the problem of manual data entry across both public and private markets. You can add data yourself to the platform, but can also pull data directly from custodians or via bespoke excel upload. We pull investment and market data from third party sources such as Morningstar and MSCI.

How we work with Endowments & Charities

Automate and aggregate your investment data
Access a personalised dashboard & workspace
Access to sophisticated, but intuitive, analytical tools
Generation of bespoke decks and reports

Solutions designed for you.

We are a technology partner, not just a piece of software. We work closely with Endowments & Charities to understand your unique quirks and challenges to build a fully bespoke solution. Our team are experts and are always on hand to help you every step of the way.
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